Sunday, 4 March 2012

B Day! Life's a Beach WALK begins.

Life's a Beach Walk begins!
What a fantastic day! I walked up to the lighthouse from Wategoes Beach with Nath, my chief support crew/boyfriend, and my pack was chauffeured to the top! (thanks J&J)
A bunch of our wonderful friends and family were there to cheer me on and a journalist and photographer from a local newspaper came to report on the fundraising for ME/CFS. I admitted I had butterflies but not about the start of the walk it was shyness at being interviewed! 
As we headed from the lighthouse we could see Tallow Beach curving away to the south in a crescent of golden sand and pounding surf, magnificent!
A quick swim and more goodbyes, then off to Broken Head along Tallow Beach, just 7kms away. An easy walk accompanied by Brahminy Kites and the delicious smell of the ocean. The pack sat lightly on my back the whole way (adrenaline does wonders!). Shortly after arriving the tent was up, dinner cooked, and only then the rain started.
Photos to follow once I make contact with the IT department, ie the part of my brain that wants sleep now!
Thanks to everyone for making this a wonderful day, to everyone that came to the lighthouse, sent texts, phoned or was thinking of me. An extra big thanks to my chief support crew (Nath) for making everything flow so beautifully and for not minding terribly that he will be without me for most of the next three months!


  1. Go Rach!!!! can't believe you're on your way sorry i coulnt see you off as i was working but great to see the picks. hope its not too wet and that you are enjoying the first few kilometres of your big journey!!! sending you loads of love and wish i could walk with you (for one or two km....) Nora

  2. oh how exciting- wish i could have been there - it looks so beautiful- and congratulations big achiever!